Bakkt bought part of a futures broker – It was announced that the Bakkt platform had purchased futures of the broker Rosenthal Collins Group.

Representatives of the platform explained why they made this deal as follows. In December of the past year, the RCG announced they plan to sell user accounts on their resource to another major commodity broker Marex Spectron. At that moment Bakkt was on the verge of starting their operation, so their developers decided to buy out part of RCG assets which they thought might help in improving the platform. Some of the broker employees decided to switch over to Bakkt which also affected the decision sealing the deal.

Bakkt company believes that the acquired assets of RCG will contribute to the rapid successful development of the company. Kelly Leffler, managing the work of the cryptocurrency platform, confirmed that closing the deal is planned for February of this year.

According to Leffler, the purchase of assets of a futures broker will comprehensively and positively affect the operation of the platform. In particular, it will improve financial management and help to reach the regulatory norms. In addition, the announced deal should improve the efficiency of user identification and verification procedures.

Leffler believes that all of this is to achieve one main goal – to make cryptocurrency mainstream through the massive adoption of digital currency. The head of the platform assured that their employees are not just sitting waiting for the permission from the state regulator CFTC, but are actively working on development of their platform based on the technology of the distributed registry.

Let’s recall that at the current moment the Bakkt platform has already attracted investments in the amount of $ 182.5 million, and is awaiting the permission of the CFTC to start its operation.