Bitcoins on Amazon – Yesterday was launched a new extension for Moon browser to make payments for the products from Amazon directly with cryptocurrency.

The official @Bitcoin twitter announced it by posting following:

“New browser extension lets you shop directly on with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash”.

The extension for Moon browser was developed by Moon Technologies and currently is at the beta-testing stage.

To start using the extension you first have to download it and make a user profile. Next step is connecting your Coinbase profile for making direct purchases through Coinbase wallet. For the moment it is the only exchange that supported this service, but more exchanges are in plans to be added. Moon Technologies website also hints on adding in the future other e-commerce services such as eBay and Wallmart.

Moon staff explained that on the step of making out an order users will be pressing “PAY WITH MOON” button, and safely and instantly make a purchase. It is reported that Moon browser won’t take additional fees.

There was a discussion on Reddit 2 months ago where a user under the name binarytree was talking about plans of the company for creating extension for the browser that will allow to make any purchase through Bitcoin. It is assumed that this Reddit profile belongs to Kenneth Krueger, CEO and creator of Moon Technologies. He had posted: “Moon isn’t an anonymous decision and complies with KYC / AML, as well as other laws.”

Company is fully transparent about what kind of information they will be collecting and whomever they will provide it despite this might not be for liking to some cryptospace participants.

In any case, the possibility to make payments on Amazon with cryptocurrency is a very big step forward for its mass adoption.