Cryptopia exchange had been hacked yet again – It has not been even a month since we heard about New Zealand exchange Cryptopia being hacked resulting in $16 million stolen in total. Now, according to a new report by analytic company Elementus there was another attack on platform and again funds were stolen. On January 29 more than 17000 wallets were hacked. It started at 6:58 am and lasted whole day.

As a result of this attack Cryptopia lost at least 1675 ETH which is equivalent of $180 000. The report says that 5240 wallets from previous breach were once again hacked. Their users didn’t know that they are being hacked because their accounts were disabled by the exchange.

In addition, some of the hacked wallets were identified by Cryptopia as vulnerable to the next possible attack, but were replenished again. The address where the stolen tokens were sent is: 0x3b46c790ff408e987928169bd1904b6d71c00305.

“Initially it wasn’t clear if Cryptopia will be able to secure remaining coins. On 9:50 PM we received confirmation that it was that same hacker. Stolen coins were transferred onto exact same wallet, which even now cointains other stolen funds from Cryptopia,” – said official report.

The analysts believe that employees of Cryptopia do not have control on private Ethereum wallets anymore, while the hacker does. Interesting and strange enough, after the incident still unaware users continue on depositing money to the exchange.

In the last tweet Cryptopia asserted that currently the law enforcements are still investigating the incident. That being said the management of the exchange do not have access to the coins, and the exact stolen amount can’t be measured yet.