450k users data were stolen from Coinmama exchanger

Coinmama, a BTC-exchanger with up to 1.3 million active users, reported a hacker attack and theft of user data. According to the service, due to security vulnerabilities, hackers may have up to 450,000 user email addresses. According to the company, on February 15, the addresses of users appeared on the darknet. It is noted that only accounts registered on the service before August 5, 2017 were affected. All users of the exchanger were recommended to change passwords.

Service management notes that Coinmama has become one of 24 resources that have undergone a hacker attack. The total audience of these sites is almost 750 million users. According to digital portal zdnet.com, after the attack in the darknet, 127 million users data were posted.

Let’s recall that last month New Zealand’s exchange Cryptopia was attacked. About $ 16 million was stolen from it. After the attack, the cryptoexchange stopped its work. Despite permission from the New Zealand Police to resume operations, the site is still frozen.

In January, a hacker was identified in Darkweb, selling verified data from users of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex and Binance. We also note that recently has been published online the Collection №1. The size of the data is almost 90GB. The database contains 800 million addresses and 21 million user passwords. According to experts, most often user data falls into the hands of scammers, either due to the fact that employees of cryptoexchanges and exchangers exceed their authority and deliberately “leak out” data to hackers; because of security system errors, or due to the fault of the users themselves, who go on doubtful links without second thought.