CEO SBI Holdings: R3 and Ripple are hope of crypto space – Yoshitaka Kitao, head of SBI Holdings, in an interview to Japanese publisher CoinPost stated, that he is inspired by activities of blockchain-consortium R3 and cryptostartup Ripple, in partnership with which the financial giant created SBI Ripple Asia to promote XRP in Asian financial markets.

According to Kitao, the lingering pessimistic situation on the crypto market does not mean its end, and SBI Holdings is actively working to introduce and promote XRP in financial institutions and are ready to provide institutional investors with the tools to gain access to digital currency.

“We will give our best to help on achieving mass adoption and practical application of crypto XRP. We’ll also provide tools institutionals will need for accessing our digital currency,” – shared his positive thoughts Kitao.

Kitao is convinced that Ripple and XRP will revolutionize the cryptoindustry, and real demand will soon emerge for using this asset for cross-border payments. Given the potential of both projects, Kitao recommended R3 and Ripple to stop competing and create a joint project.

“In its essense BTC does not represent value, its current market price more and more hinders its use in daily operations. Which is why I believe XRP will most likely become the number one cryptoactive. We are trying our best to achieve it,” – he added further.

Let’s recall that at the end of January, SBI Holdings and the R3 Holdo LLC blockchain solution provider announced the creation of a joint venture, which main purpose is to provide and warrant licenses for Corda R3 blockchain platform.