Mining algorithm ProgPoW can be integrated with the next Ethereum update

A questionable element can be added to the code for the next large-scale update of Ethereum network, which will allow changing the mining algorithm so that a larger number of users can participate in cryptomining process.
The question of integrating ETH EIP 1057 improvement proposal or Progressive Proof-of-Work (ProgPoW) was raised again during developer meeting this Tuesday. ConsenSys product manager Tim Beyko announced that there will be time to discuss ProgPoW during an official conference call for ETH developers on Friday.
Those who participated in the discussion on Tuesday said they would support for including EIP 1057 in the next update, unless 3rd party auditors could identify technical issues.

Beyko explained: “Worst case, if an audit reveals huge problems, we can remove EIP before” Istanbul”, but if everything works out, we can assume that we have done our job. The audit is only an additional confirmation.”

According to developer Lane Rettig, the final deadline for approval of a code that can be included in Istanbul is mid-May.
Some, however, believe that technical audit alone won’t be enough for unconditional approval of changes. Ethereum Foundation’s public relations manager, Hudson Jameson, said: “Audit involves two components: comparative testing and research on how long/effective impact of ProgPoW will be.”
Jameson noted that the audit “will help to verify whether it is worth implementing ProgPoW at all if ASIC miners adapt to it very quickly (in less than 9 months), while having a higher speed.”
Jameson obviously takes into account the position of critics such as Davie Van and Martin Long, who argue that the growing activity of ASIC miners in cryptocurrency blockchain is “not a problem for ETH”, especially in light of the planned transition to the Proof-of-stake.