The Training Manual to Leverage Trading at platform BitSeven for traders debutants 2

Today we will continue to talk about BitSeven. It is a unique and new platform for trading cryptocurrencies. BitSeven gives its users the ability to trade at 100x leverage maximum. BitSeven has an internal cryptocurrency exchange function.
Let us look at it from a functional point of view.
How to register?
Go to the site www. (1), choose the language (2) we need, it is very convenient and speaks about multilingual support and global coverage.
Once we have chosen the language we need, click on the “Sign Up” button (3) and fill in all the necessary data in the system. The registration process is quite simple. It does not take much time and helps to start trading immediately!

Now let us look at the features of BitSeven interface:
On the right, we see our “Balance” (2) which is indicated in Bitcoins. There is “Deposit” button (3) below the “Balance”, where we can replenish our balance.

You can use as an individual, unique address bar (2) which is assigned to you when you register your account, or you can use the QR code (3).
If we go below, here we can find out some conditions (4), such as:

  • Minimum Deposit: BITCOIN is → 0.001 BTC.
    -BitSeven accepts Deposit only in Bitcoins,
  • Addresses of BitSeven deposits are represented by permanent addresses of multisignature cold wallets.
    Next, we see the “Crypto Exchange” button (5). In this section, inside our personal account we can make an exchange from one tool such as Bitcoin (because the deposit is replenished in bitcoins) to another trading tool to trade in cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.
    We can carry out transactions with all the instruments provided by the platform, and exchange for fiat money on such major exchanges as BitFlyer, Kraken, Remitano, etc…The button “Market info” (6) provides us with information about exchanges. In fact, it is very convenient, because it saves our time and protects us from unreliable exchanges.

We can choose the appropriate exchange and desired currency from the list and make a transfer over there.