The Training Manual to Leverage Trading at platform BitSeven for traders debutants 3

BitSeven platform has more advanced tools to work with the chart and differs favorably from other trading platforms. Let us look and check what it gives us the opportunity.
We move on to the section of Leverage Trading (2). There is no need to enter your personal account.
We press the right mouse button in the chart window (3) and we show the available functionality, the default language is English.
Let us see how it works.
The function “Go to date” (4) is necessary in order to track in detail the dynamics of the price for a certain period.

Here we can change the time interval (5), change the day (6) and track how the price changed during the selected period.

Next, we can change the line settings (7), their thickness and color or set everything default by clicking on “defaults”.
Next, go to the tab “Scales” (8), here you can customize everything for yourself, if it will be necessary for your convenience. Next, the “Background” tab (9), here we can choose the color and size settings.
The “Timezone / Sessions” tab (10), here we have a standard UTC +3, you can choose the option we need and the chart will be displayed according to the time you set.

In this window, we have reviewed all the functions, now go to the trading terminal, right-click, which is still interesting… Let us look at the “Lock Cursor in Time” tab. This function stops the chart for the time we need.
Next, the drawing function of the Drawing tools tab, select the Drawing Toolbar (11) and it appears on the left. Here BitSeven provides a variety of tools from simple lines to complex Fibonacci structures.

The platform supports the function of text, icons. We can save these changes on the chart or remove everything. We can also see which tools and parameter settings are available to us here.