Justin Sun noted the giant potential of Bitcoin, but considers this asset only technology

According to the creator of digital currency Tron Justin Sun, BTC has enormous potential, but this asset is not a means for doing business, but only technology.
Sun expressed such an opinion on CNBC and emphasized that BTC was intended to make the world technological revolution similar to the one previously made by Internet’s creation.
The creator of the TRX stated:

“I think that BTC is not a business opportunity, but only technology, but with enormous potential.”

The impact of BTC will grow due to the wider use of decentralized technology from the younger generation. Prior to this, the same revolution made the Internet. Young generation took the most active part in introducing the Internet, now we are seeing the same thing, but only in the cryptosphere, Sun added.
The possibilities of BTC as technology is constantly increasing. For example, one of the main problem of scaling for BTC network started rapidly improving after the implementation of the Lightning Network solution and with further upgrades of new network a decent solution will be found sooner or later..

“I think we are in front of next wave to the Internet”, – Sun expressed his belief.

It is worth noting that current situation of the Tron cryptoproject, led by Justin Sun, is not the better one. In early March, TRX coin fell to a three-month low due to weaker interest from investors.
However, apparently it doesn’t concern that much Justin as just yesterday he announced giving away of $20000 and a Tesla. This airdrop was the result of adding USDT to his Tron and recently acquired BTT, which led to lots of criticism from community. To enter this giveaway you simple have to follow his account on Twitter.