Tim Draper suggested Argentines to make Bitcoin the national currency

It looks like Tim Draper, a venture capitalist from Silicon Valley, had a great time in Argentina: he drove a minivan and sang songs while driving.
He also commented on his meeting with President Mauricio Macri.

“I suggested that he would make Bitcoin national currency, introduce 5G and allow the market to go from there on its own, after creating all the conditions,” – said Draper.

He explained that everyone “will come to this sooner or later,” and that “people will then coming to Argentina to start their own business.”
Perhaps Draper made too bold of a proposal for the number one figure in this country, Macri obviously should have his own vision of the situation. Judging by its policy, Argentina is becoming one of the countries of the world that decided to create favorable conditions for cryptospace.
While Draper was in his singing mood, La Bitcoineta team told him good news about one of their projects, which was approved by the Argentine National Securities Commission (CNV). Draper praised the, and one of team members said that “this is a historic day for BTC and Argentina.”

“In my opinion, everything is quite simple: we are all in a single movement of decentralization. And this is really important, as all geographic boundaries will collapse, and we will become one big world,” – continued expressing his support to crypto the Billionaire.