The volume of processed transactions in BTC network broke a new record

Network of the largest cryptocurrency continues to break records in the number of processed transactions. For the first time, BTC platform has processed more than 400 million transactions.
This time network pf the first crypto was able to process 400,251,742 transactions. Now the BTC blockchain network processes, on average, about 350,000 operations daily. The platform manages to process 14,904 transactions per hour (just over four per second).
Analysts explain the sharp increase in the number of operations in the cryptocurrency network with its rise in price above $5000. It is worth noting that the number of transactions in the BTC network has increased even against the background of maintaining a low value of the coin.
As the number of transactions increased, transaction fees were also increasing. The average size of a single transaction increased to 5.44 BTC ($ 28,316). For the first week of April, the transaction processing fee exceeded $2.
It is also worth noting that over the past day network users moved 1,956,321 BTC coins equally of amount more than $ 10 bill, which was about 11% of the total market capitalization of cryptoassets.