Crypto community appeals to delisting Bitcoin SV

This week, Craig Wright stirred up cryptocurrency community, because he sued people who deny that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of BTC.
Looking at the current frauds of Wright, crypto-enthusiasts and even Binance CEO Changpen Zhao expressed the opinion that it is necessary to delist BSV from exchanges starting from May 1.
The coin is already something of a pariah (a man from the lowest class in India, deprived of all rights), which the founder of ETH, Vitalik Buterin called “a real garbage can.”

“All cryptocurrency exchanges should exclude BSV at once on May 1, it will be a sign of solidarity with a single BTC,” – such statements can often be found on social networks.

However, it seems that this initiative did not affect the mood of Wright and his supporters. At the same time, there were those who did not consider delisting of cryptocurrency from all exchanges as an adequate response.
This argument relies on faith in the free market. If in reality the coin does not have significant advantages, the number of users will decrease, which is why delisting will occur organically. If BSV has real value, no public anger against Wright will reach its goal. Instead, the market will force users to return to the coin, whether it is represented on the exchange or not.
It is known that since the creation of crypto in November 2018, BSV miners have suffered gross losses of $2.2 million. Negative profitability was 12%, while only electricity costs were taken into account.