5 ways to steal bitcoins. How to avoid becoming a victim of scammers.

5 ways to steal bitcoins

Throughout the existence of bitcoin many ways have been invented to steal them. Scammers constantly come up with new schemes.
In this article we will analyze the most popular schemes so that you do not lose your money.

1. Clipper

You copy the wallet address where you need to transfer money and paste it into the address bar, but Clipper automatically replaces this address with the address of the scammer. The wallet address is very long and it’s difficult to notice. In order not to lose bitcoins, you must always check the wallet address before making a transaction. Clipper often found in various software, so if you are not sure about the software or application for your phone it is better not to use it.


2. Fake mobile applications of cryptocurrency exchanges

The fraudster creates a mobile application and places it on Google Play or on any website. The user downloads it, installs it on his smartphone, transfers the coins supposedly to the exchange, and they come to the scammer’s wallet. Typically, a scammer puts his reviews on Google Play and increases the number of downloads of the application to increase user’s confidence. In order to install an authentic application, always follow the links on the official sites.

Fake mobile applications

3. Browser extensions

Extensions are used to facilitate the work of the user in the browser. This is what scammers exploit, they create extensions that perform some functions, but their main goal is to read the information that you enter on the keyboard, including passwords and access logins.

There are necessary extensions that can be useful, but you need to download them only from official websites. If you don’t know what the extension is for or if you don’t know the website, then it’s better not to download it.

Browser extensions

4. Phishing

Phishing – is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Typically carried out by email spoofing or instant messaging, it often directs users to enter personal information at a fake website, which matches the look and feel of the legitimate site. (Wikipedia)

A fraudster registers a domain name similar to the domain of the official site and just one letter or domain zone can differ. BitSeven also has fake websites and users need to be more careful. We wrote about this earlier in this article.

A fake Twitter page and a copy of the website were created, the difference was only in the .site domain zone.

If you go to such a website and enter your information it will fall into the hands of a fraudster and he will be able to log into your account and try to withdraw funds.

In order to protect yourself from this, just save all the necessary links in your browser bookmarks or in Excel.

At BitSeven these risks are minimized because in order to withdraw funds, you must confirm the withdrawal by e-mail. We also recommend that all users enable 2FA. How to do this described in this article: How to enable 2FA on BitSeven.

5. Fake accounts of the support service on social networks

Scammers create fake account on social networks and write to users messages like this: “Hi, I’m from the BitSeven support service, replenish the deposit today and we will double it” and they write their wallet address. They look for people who lost in trading in chats or comments and offer to return the original amount balance for the commission, which must be transferred to their wallet.

Be careful, all support service contacts and links to social networks are listed on the official website.

Recently, a scammer named Bitseven Support wrote to one of the users in Telegram BitSeven Trading Chat.

The user didn’t finish the dialogue because he realized that it was a scammer.

There are many ways to fraud and if you are not careful, you can lose all your money.
If someone tried to cheat you or tricked you, then share your story in BitSeven Trading Chat and it will help other visitors to save their money.

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