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Samourai Wallet was forced to take down its unique security features upon Google’s strict rules

January 09, 2019 02:04:15 - Popular for its unique and strongest security, Samourai wallet posted on their official Twitter that they had to part with the underlying security features. This decision was made or rather they were forced to make this decision upon Google’s strict policy. That’s what they posted on Twitter:

“Sad but true, @GooglePlay is forcing us to remove Stealth Mode, SMS Commands, and SIM Switch Defense features as they transition to becoming more of a "Walled Garden”.

Further, in their blog they announced they will release a new version with the disabled aforementioned functions, which were integral part of the wallet since the launch in 2015.

At the time of the release and for quite some time Samourai was one of the best security solutions for the cryptocurrency trading. It was an innovation in security while the other wallets that kept appearing were basically the copy of each other. Even despite that Samourai “have [a] proven record of helping users transact safely” Google decided to force Samourai for disabling their features.

For example, the stealth mode proven to be useful for people living in dangerous areas and therefore allowing users to make their transactions in a more stealth way.

The remote SMS commands functions allowed users to delete the wallet from their device remotely in case the phone was lost and before someone could use this opportunity.

The SIM Switch Defence function alerted users about the SIM-swapping attack as the app warns the user about the upcoming attack.

The company said that they tried coming up to an agreement with Google, but they received a rejection. So now they are looking for an alternative method as the lost features were essential part of the wallet’s security.

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