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Uzbekistan plans to launch a blockchain platform to pay for plane and train tickets

January 09, 2019 02:05:11 - The blockchain technology is being rapidly introduced into the daily life of regular citizens. It can be applied not only to the developed countries such as USA, but also to the countries that are actively developing in technology. The recent news from Uzbekistan confirm it.

The officials of Uzbekistan are going to launch a blockchain platform very soon. Through this platform the citizens will be able to pay for using public and air transport, and train. It is based on the free registry technology. Employees of the Ministry of foreign affairs claim, that the head of the state Shavkat Mirzyaev the other day has signed the appropriate bill.

The platform is planned to become a global online portal of the transport system. It is expected that the work on the system will be completed in the next 3 months. At least, it is known that this was the task assigned by the president to his subordinates. He insisted on some of the Ministries to thoroughly controlling this process.

The platform will be implemented with the help of private innovative companies, which are working on development of decentralized products. It is reported that the blockchain project will be popular among the tourists due to the significant increase of the tourist flow over the last few years.

It is worth saying that Uzbekistan is very closely cooperating with Russia in the blockchain technology industry.

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