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Kidnappers demand € 9,000,000 in Monero from a rich Norwegian for his wife

January 11, 2019 03:43:50 - At the end of last year, unknown criminals had kidnapped Anna-Elizabeth Falkevik, wife of one of the richest people in Norway, Tom Hagen. A sixty eight years old, Norwegian citizen was brazenly kidnapped right from her own house while she was alone. The police forces immediately started the investigation, which led to the fact that there are no signs of breaking in.

In addition, the kidnappers left a note at the crime scene. According to the publication Norway Today on the note they wrote the ransom amount. It is noteworthy that criminals are asking for digital assets instead of cash money. We are talking about Monero coins in an amount equivalent to 9 million euros.

To this day, the police was concealing the fact of the kidnapping for security reasons. Interpol and Europol experts have already joined the investigation. It is reported that communication with criminals was carried out through the means of a special "electronic platform". There is no evidence that the businessman’s wife is still alive.

There is no history of cases for criminals from this state asking for a ransom in digital currency before. The police advised Hagen not to hand over coins to attackers under any circumstances.

If the kidnappers will be caught, they will be facing up to 15 years in prison for committing a number of serious crimes.

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