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Venezuela filed a complaint about El Petro discrimination to WTO

January 11, 2019 15:48:54 - In the last past months we have told you a lot about the situation in Venezuela. Sanctions from the United States have literally forced the government to create their own digital currency. However, this story has yet to come to an end. The United States had recently adopted a new package of sanctions, which prohibits citizens of Venezuela to interact with El Petro in any kind of form. The Venezuelan government was extremely dissatisfied with the current situation, which is why they decided to file a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO). Their officials believe that the decision of the American authorities is discriminatory.

Official representatives from Venezuela claim that Americans are violating Article XVII: 1 of the General Agreement on Trade in Services. In their opinion, the US are trying to isolate the Venezuelan economy from the outside world through every possible means.

“Washington’s actions are an unprecedented violation of Venezuela’s rights, as it was provided in the Global Trade Agreement (1994) for.” Their vigorous activity forced us to resort in the creation of El Petro. Due to this global isolation, we were faced with enormous financial difficulties, which resulted in a humanitarian crisis and a lack of jobs in the region. We hope that the WTO will help us getting out of this difficult situation.”

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