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Google blacklisted Ethereum advertisements

January 12, 2019 09:29:02 - A user from Reddit, representing a group of developers engaged in providing services for the audit of smart contracts, shared information that in the past few days Google has been blocking advertisements placed by them with the keyword Ethereum in the search.

“We used Google Ads for the past 6 months to promote the audit services of smart contracts and we noticed a strange change in the last couple of days. It looks like Google has blacklisted Ethereum as a keyword,” posted the user.

As reported further, for some reason only Ethereum was added into the black list and the ban on keywords wasn’t applied to words like “ICO”, “Bitcoin” and “EOS”. There were also different attempts have been made to use VPN to check if the ban applies in different countries, and it appears to be that the search queries are not finding Ethereum ads as a result.

“We’re worried that Google is targeting Ethereum for some reason and wanted to find out if we, as a community, can put some pressure on the Google Ads team to change the keyword policy or for them at least to provide a reasonable explanation for such discriminatory rules,” – wonders one of the developers.

Despite the fact that Google Ads representatives responded to the developers request for clarification of the situation, they haven’t not given a clear answer, and referred to the "cryptocurrency" section, policies regarding financial products and services, which state that advertising is allowed only in Japan and the USA, and only for goods and services related to mining and for cryptocurrency exchanges.

In this case, it is unclear why the ban applies only to Ethereum and allows advertising of the prohibited ICO and other cryptocurrencies.

Another user suggested that Google has various political and economic plans, which they are ready to use all possible means and services to advance their individual goals for.

“Despite their supposed corporate motto “don’t be evil,” they are more than willing to use their immense power to select winners and losers in social networks, and political and economic issues,” - concluded another Reddit user.

There is also a possibility that this blacklisting situation was not the result of Google’s official policy, but because of Google gives their employees too much freedom in their actions, so it is possible the responsibility for such actions lies on one particular person.

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