How to register in Affiliate Program

How to register in Affiliate Program on BitSeven

If you want to become our partner and join “BitSeven Affiliate Program” you need to register on our website to get your own personal link.

Click “Register” on the main page of the website and complete a form with your full name, e-mail address, phone number and password. Then you’ll need to read “Terms of service” first, and after that click on “I accept the terms of service”. You’ll also need to click on “I’m not a robot” protection and click on “Register” button. Note that you can use any email you want, it is not necessary to use the same email as on BitSeven Trading Service.

When your registration is completed, you’ll get your own partner link, which can be posted at all web-media services you have. You can find your personal link on the “Account” page on “CPA code” top menu at “Using Link address” section. You need to read all the rules on this page too.

Your partner link is avialable here on “CPA CODE” page

You can change your password on “Account” top menu section. Also if you have any questions regarding CPA program you can ask it on Support top menu section.

On the pages “Registration inquiry“, “Memeber profile” and “Trade history” you can find all necessary information about your partners.

There are pages for information about your partners.
On the “Settlement” page at the “Revenue by period” section you can see your partner’s income for any period, at the “Withdrawal Request” section you can withdraw your partner balance to your BitSeven account, at the “Withdrawal History” section you can history of your withdrawals.

Q: Where to find the referral link?
A: You can find your personal referral link by clicking on the following link in the “Using Link address” section

Q: What are the conditions of the CPA program?
A: The CPA program cannot be used to receive discounts on commissions for yourself (including family and friends). CPA is not a promotion.

Q: How to promote the affiliate program?
A: The CPA program cannot be used to receive discounts on commissions for yourself (including family and friends). CPA is not a promotion.
All you have to do is take the link (CPA code) from BitSeven and place it on all available web media.
Put the link address in SNS. : Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blog, WeChat, Instagram, Tumblr, QQ, Qzone, Sina Weibo, Reddit, Baidu Tieba, Skype, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Line, Pinterest, Telegram.
Copy the link (CPA code) to your blog and publish it.

Q: How will referrals be paid?
A: The BitSeven company will pay your earnings once a month. The rules are available on the page “ACCOUNT/ CPA CODE

Q: From which account do I request a withdrawal of funds?
A: Withdrawal request must be made from the affiliate account.

Q: Can I change the referral code?
A: The already registred user cannot change or add a referral code for the current account.

Q: How can I change my partner number?
A: To become someone’s partner, you must make a new registration using his affiliate link. Create a new account and new e-mail.

Q: Does the partner see the trades?
A: The partners cannot see affiliates’ trading history. They can only see the number of bonuses that they receive.

Q: What does the partner see?
A: The partner can see the number of registered affiliates on his link, and also the size of the commission (revenue). The partner can see the number of registered participants on his link, as well as the size of the commission.

Q: How do I find out when someone signed up for my CPA?
A: In your partner’s account, you can track the activity of your affiliates. – member status – user profile

Q: What is the comission amount?
A: Total recommended bitcoins % of commissions traded
More than 0 BTC = 15%
More than 1000 BTC = 20%
More than 10000 BTC = 25%
More than 100000 BTC = 30%

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