Almost a third of American freelancers want to get paid in cryptocurrency – For the past couple of years the number of freelancers in the USA has increased noticeably. As practice has shown, people have become more interested in option with a free working day schedule.

Quite an interesting research was conducted among freelancers. 1100 people have taken a part in it. The results are saying that almost a third of them want to receive payments in one of the digital currencies. To be more precise, 18% of respondents would like to receive all payments in cryptocurrency, the remaining 11% – partially.

Most freelancers work for foreign companies, which is often resulted in problems with cross-border transfers. For today there are not so many ways for receiving earned money. There are 3 options: money transfer platforms (Wester Union), online platforms (PayPal) and bank transfers. All of the above methods have one major drawback: high commissions for making operations, so it draws users attention to pay with cryptocurrency.

For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum allow freelancers to receive instant payments with almost zero fees. When it comes to large amounts, this is a major factor.

It should be said that the results of the research could be considered objective, since previously none of the respondents didn’t show open interest in digital currencies.