Bitcoin mining has become a bit easier. – An interesting event happened a couple of days ago: the complexity for Bitcoin mining fell for about 15%. This is the second largest decline in the 10-year history the main digital currency existed.

The experts claim that last time this index number fell for 18% and 13% correspondingly just over 7 years ago. The last time the complexity of Bitcoin mining declined in 2016 (almost by 10%).

Many analysts have noticed long ago the stop of hashrate growth, and 2 weeks ago it started to fall actively. It is assumed that the main reason leading to this was a power outage for miners from China. Then the price for Bitcoin for the first time in a long time dropped below $6200 for 1 coin and then continued its rapid decline.

Now it costs less than $4000. Despite that complexity of mining got easier, mining digital currencies still continues to be unprofitable. With the current Bitcoin price miners are working at a loss due to the high cost of electricity in all countries of the world, which is why a lot of pools have started closing down their activities.