Bitcoin mining or trading? – Today we would like to bring to your attention an article about where we will share our knowledge on the best way how to earn money using Bitcoin. So in 2018 (same as in the previous years) market participants are wondering, what is the best way for earning with cryptocurrencies. There is obviously no definite answer on this question, but in the community the most used earning methods are mining and trading.


Over several years there have been many changes on the cryptocurrency market. This industry is gradually acquiring more regulated and legal outlines, for earning and running a business. In 2017 people were buying graphic cards for cryptocurrency mining and it was easily paying off and getting a profit. Then you can buy a new, more advanced and profitable graphics card. And in the long term it might be coming for purchasing of several graphic cards to create a mining farm. At the best times one video card could earn you $ 5-6 thousand per day, and with a farm you could get about $ 20k a day. Many home miners saw this profit as large enough to drop from their work and concentrate their time more on earning with cryptocurrencies. However, after some time most of the participants regretted their decision.

The rate for cryptocurrencies were raising rapidly and the complexity for mining was also increasing alongside it. As a result the profits decreased several times, and then fell even lower. And when the rate of cryptocurrency began to decline, it was even getting unprofitable for many miners to mine cryptocurrency due to the expenses on the electricity. In the end, mining became quite a difficult type of earning money, and now in order to gain profit this way, you have to invest more money, look for more favorable terms and scale up activities. Still you can earn money this way even today, but just one farm won’t be enough to drop from the work.


Another popular type for earning on the cryptocurrency market is trading. It is somewhat similar to mining – a trader does not earn from scratch, but only after investing a certain amount on the exchange, however in here everyone decides for himself how much he is willing to risk. But in trading one participant earns only in case if the other one suffers losses. This is the principle of earning for every market, not only for cryptocurrency one.

In 2017 there was a global growing trend that allowed a lot of people to gain profit without doing anything in particular. And so a lot of people believed that it is easy to earn with trading. However in 2018 the trend changed and many of the participants suffered major losses. Many traders came to conclusion that to gain profit all the time, not only on the rising trend, you need to be able to trade competently. This year the BitSeven platform has been recognized both by the beginners and experienced traders, where you can start earning already after a couple of minutes after registering at The platform combines all the conditions necessary for the most profitable trading: high liquidity, fast speed of processing applications, ease for depositing and withdrawing funds and low commissions.


Most analysts are positive that soon we will come to the fact, that the market of digital assets will become similar to traditional markets, and it will be possible to earn money only if you have certain knowledge and skills. Bitcoin trading is one of the few areas where you can make money both in a falling and in a raising market. Therefore, our advice if you want to stay on the cryptocurrency market and continue to gain profit on it, you should study in detail all the nuances and choose the right tools and platforms for earning money. You should trust only in high-quality platforms such as to not to worry about the security of your trading.