Fees structure on Bitseven

How is the trading fee calculated in a position

On BitSeven trading platform the trading fee is applied for the opening a position and also for the closing a position. For example, the trading fee for Bitcoin is 0.075%,…

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Position Calculator for BitSeven

Position Calculation

There you can find “Position” calculator, which allows to calculate: Position Amount Position Entry Price Position Leverage Position Cut Loss Position Fee For positions formed by one or group of…

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How to calculate position data on BItSeven

How to calculate position data

How to calculate the loss cut when adding a new order to an open position? If you add a new same-directional order to your existing position, then it will be…

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How to earn with Affiliate Program and withdraw my commission

How to earn with Affiliate Program and withdraw my commission

How to earn After the registration on our affiliate website you will get your own partner link which you can use for promotion. If someone register under this link he’ll…

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How to register in Affiliate Program on BitSeven

How to register in Affiliate Program

If you want to become our partner and join “BitSeven Affiliate Program” you need to register on our website to get your own personal link. Click “Register” on the main…

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How to exchange on BitSeven

How to exchange

If you want to trade ETH/LTC or XRP on our platform, you need Deposit BTC and then exchange BTC to other cryptocurrency. You need to click “Account” (1) in the…

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How to trade on BitSeven

How to trade

Before start trading, you need to deposit BTC to your account. There are 4 cryptocurrency to trade on BitSeven Platform (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP), but if you want to trade…

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How to withdraw on BitSeven

How to withdraw

If you want to withdraw your BTC, click on the “Account” (1) in the menu, then click on the “Withdraw” (2) in the right menu section. There you need to…

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How to deposit on BitSeven

How to deposit

In order to begin trading cryptocurrencies on BitSeven platform, you will need to deposit funds into your account. To deposit BTC in your Bitseven’s account you need to go on…

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2 FA on BitSeven

2FA Guide

There are endless possibilities of hacking and stealing password authentication through means of phishing, so having two-factor authentication enabled is essential to your account security. Download App If you do not…

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