How to earn with Affiliate Program and withdraw my commission

How to earn with Affiliate Program and withdraw my commission

How to earn

After the registration on our affiliate website you will get your own partner link which you can use for promotion. If someone register under this link he’ll be redirected to BitSeven website and after he completes registration there, he’ll become your partner automatically. When this user will make a trade on our platform, he’ll pay fee for every trade he does. You’ll get up to 30% of the fees which your partner will spend on his trades. It is doesn’t matter will it be profitable trade or not , your partner will pay fees and you’ll get your part.

Let’s look into example.

Your partner, who has been registered under your link, opened a position for 1 BTC with 100x Leverage, the fee for this position would 15% or 0.15 BTC, you’ll get from 15% to 30% of this amount (0.0225 BTC to 0.045 BTC) to your partner account when his position will be closed.

The size of your affiliate reward depends on the total fees all your partners spent for all time. Total affiliate reward for commission all your partners spent is:

  • > 0 BTC = 15%
  • > 1000 BTC = 20%
  • > 10000 BTC = 25%
  • > 100000 BTC = 30%

How to withdraw

You’re able to withdraw your partners commission for past months on the 1st day of each month. To make a withdrawal you need to go on “Settlement” (1) page at your partner account and choose “Withdrawal Request” (2) section on top of the menu. There you’ll see total affiliate reward for all your partners for selected period of time at “Total Commission Revenue 100%” section (3) and your available amount for withdrawal at “Commission Revenue 15%-30% (Partner’s Revenue)” section (4). At “Withdrawal Request” (5) section you need to input data for withdrawal. On the left part of this section you can select cryptocurrency for withdrawal (6). For example, if you have partners reward in BTC and LTC, first, you need to withdraw one cryptocurrency (like BTC) and then others (like LTC). After that, when you have selected cryptocurrency, enter your “BitSeven account” email (7), which is your ID on BitSeven website and click on “Verify Account” button (8). Your trading wallet address will be shown at “BitSeven wallet address” section. Then you need to click on “Withdraw All” button (9) at “Withdrawal Amount” section and all available balance in selected cryptocurrency will be shown there. When it will be done you need to click on “Withdraw” button (10). Note that you have to repeat all these steps for each cryptocurrency you have available.

Q: When a request for CPA comission payment should be made?
A: Request for CPA commissions payment must be submitted from the 1st of each month. The withdrawal will be made to your BitSeven account immediately after checking the CPA partner account.

Q: When the payment will be made?
A: Partner’s income for the current month will be available to you for withdrawal on your bitseven account in the first days of next month. After that it will be available for withdrawal.

Q: How will referrals be paid?
A: The BitSeven company will pay your earnings once a month. The rules are available on the page ‘ACCOUNT’ / ‘CPA CODE’

Q: How many times can I withdraw money from an affiliate program?
A: You can request a withdrawal only once a month. The withdrawal will be made to your BitSeven account immediately after checking the CPA partner account.

Q: From which account do I request a withdrawal of funds?
A: Withdrawal request must be made from the affiliate account.

Q: I can not withdraw the commission from the affiliate account?
A: Make sure that you have entered your BitSeven account (Email/ID) properly in “Verify account” space, then make sure that you have selected proper crypto currency to request from. For example, it could be that there is no BTC to withdraw but some XRP or ETH, then click on “Withdraw All” button.
After all these steps it shouldn’t be any problems with withdarwal
In case if it won’t work just send us screenshot to: [email protected]

Q: How long does it take to withdraw partner rewards to my account?
A: A request for CPA commission payment is processing within 3 days . A request for CPA commission payment must be submitted from the 1st to 3rd of each month. The withdrawal of funds will be made to your BitSeven trading account after checking for compliance with the rules of the affiliate program.


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