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Creating a smart city in the desert from Ilona Mask: what is known at the moment?

November 08, 2018 01:07:37

there are rumors on the Internet about the creation of an experimental smart
city in the US state of Nevada. However, so far all the details are carefully
hidden from the general public.

It is only known that the project is engaged in the company Blockchains
together with the well-known entrepreneur Ilon Mask. For the first time, they
started talking about it in the beginning of 2018, when information appeared about
the acquisition of a plot of 27 thousand hectares.

Six months later, local reporters were allowed into the modernized offices.
However, for their construction, the company used only the ninth part of the
available land. Journalists are reasonably interested in appointing the rest.
One of the representatives of Blockchains noted that the remaining space will
be used to create something truly grand and previously unseen by our planet.

In the autumn, Blockchains submitted an application to launch a telecommunications
service. It was said about the company's intention to develop applications
based on free registry technology and the creation of an incubator project.

Another interesting fact is that the other day, Blockchains posted a teaser on
YouTube that ended with the slogan "I don’t want to wait." In it, the
girl, being in the desert, talks about
the perspectives for using the blockchain technology.

The presentation of the company’s executives at the blockchain-developers
conference in Prague, scheduled for November 1, should shed light on the

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