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The second House of Nakamoto recently opened in Amsterdam.

November 09, 2018 01:27:24

In the capital
of Netherlands Amsterdam there was the official opening of the shop, museum and
informational center dedicated to bitcoin and other slightly less popular
digital currencies.

It is worth
mentioning that the first so-called House of Nakamoto had already appeared in
the Austrian capital about a year ago.

construction contains an information center, a bank, where you can make bitcoin
transactions, and also a shop, where you can buy cryptoapparel.

It is
interesting that the opened establishment has caused genuine interest in
people, because every year cryptocurrencies are rapidly getting popularity, and
therefore there are more and more such type of establishments.

Let us remind
you that couple of months ago in the People's Republic of China opened a hotel
which accepts the world’s second largest capital etherium as the
payment. This hotel’s guests are able to pay
with this digital asset for the provided services. Its name is Yitai, which
means in Chinese “ether-hotel”. The complex consists of more than fifty rooms
with various comfort, a conference hall and a pool. It is located in the
tourist are of Ngawa.

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