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Indian student because of the loss of bitcoins threatened to commit terrorist attacks in the United States

November 10, 2018 01:27:08

Quite a funny thing happened the other day in India. A high school
student, whose name is understandably not called, threatened the FBI with a terrorist
attack at Miami airport.

The fact is that over the past six months, the boy has borrowed from his
father and decided to invest in bitcoin. According to him, the amount was
approximately$1000. The student managed to make a considerable profit, so he
decided to try several times to increase their income. One day he met on the
Internet with an American who promised a teenager a good dividend from
investing in bitcoins, but a us resident turned out to be a fraud and soon
disappeared along with the digital currency.

The schoolboy was very upset about the incident. On the emotions he
started to shake the phone to the FBI, hoping to obtain their help in catching
the attacker. According to the official information of the special service, at
least 50 calls were made over the past month, but he was repeatedly denied
assistance. And in one moment a boy moved to active action. He dialed the
number of Miami airport and threatened to attack the building with a
Kalashnikov assault rifle, grenades and a suicide belt.

The FBI had no trouble locating the teenager. By contacting their Indian
colleagues, they were able to identify him. There was a conversation of police
officers with parents and teachers of the boy who gave him a positive
After talking also with
the student, the Department staff realized that the threats were childish.

Because the suspect was an underage teenager, then to arrest him did not
become, having limited to only a warning. The police hope that such cases with
this young man will not happen again.

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