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The blockchain-platform was used for the first time in the elections in USA

November 11, 2018 01:51:25 - The highly authoritative Washington Post reports that for the first time the blockchain-based platform was implemented on the 6th of November at the elections. More than a hundred voters from state South Virginia, who are living abroad at the moment, have had a simple and convenient opportunity to fulfill their civic duty.

It is worth mentioning that a pilot version of the project was used which was working only in the half of the districts. The Americans who couldn’t come to the voting place for whatever reason had the opportunity for the first time vote remotely for the favorite candidate.

US citizens living in countries such as Albania, Botswana and Egypt were able to vote in the recent elections. This was reported by Michael Quinn, who holds the position of deputy head of state administration. So most of the people who wanted to participate in the elections could easily vote this time.

To participate in the elections users have to register in the application and upload any document for your identification there. Then you need to record a short video, where you can clearly recognize user’s face, and after that the platform will start verifying the authenticity of the person. As soon as the verification procedure is completed, the person will be able to choose his favorite candidate and give their vote for him after confirming the action with a fingerprint or photo/video facescan.

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