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Top cryptocurrency news resourses

November 13, 2018 00:00:12

Experienced traders, investors and simple participants in cryptomarket constantly monitornew information about new information about the current situation in order to keep up with the latest events and respond in time to them. In this article we will talk about the most popular news resourses following which you can get important information in the shortest amount of time. A warning beforehand that the most relevant information is first published on the English-language resourses, and all other sites publish latest news with some delay.


It is one of the best news portals about cryptocurrency. The main topics are news about Bitcoin and Ethereum (much less publications about other coins), as well as reviews for new projects and technologies built using cryptocurrency and blockchain. In addition, on the site there is analytics and reviews of graphs for cryptocurrency rates.

All articles on this site are unique and were written in a competent and peculiar language, and each of the publications includes original images created by professional designers. In general, the resourse is filled with a huge amount of useful information and has an excellent design which was why it has attracted a large regular audience. Apart from English there are also news in German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Serbian languages.

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Another popular source for information and news about cryptocurrency founded in 2013. On this portal you can always find a large amount of relevant information and many third-party mass media use it as a source. Also here are presented reviews for markets and new business projects related to cryptocurrency. In addition Coindesk.Inc is the creator of one of the most popular blockchain events – the Consensus summit. The site supports English and Korean.

Some well-known personalities and publications for cryptocurrency market are criticizing Coindesk for publishing unverified and often false news. Nevertheless, this portal remains one of the most popular in its direction.

Website address:

Coindesk doesn’t have an official telegram channel, but there are many channels created by enthusiasts who publish all the news from this resourse.

Bitcoin Magazine

A printing publication with such a name originally launched in Romania back in 2011. It was devoted to the subject of Bitcoin and other digital assets. Amongst the first authors and co-founders was Vitalik Buterin. To date the publication belongs to American company BTC Media which previously transferred it completely into online format, while the printing version is still releasing under the name yBitcoin. The site offers a lot of news, market reviews and interviews with famous persons. In addition, here is being published the information in form of cryptocurrency reviews and services, and also instructions for its use.

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The main focus of this portal is publishing relevant news in the cruptocurrency world, and the major part of the content is devoted to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. But there are also lots of materials about other cryptocurrencies. Also on the site there is information for price changes, upcoming events and ICO. In general this portal mainly is focused on the business capabilities of cryptocurrency, not on its technological component. Many experts find it one of the most reliable sources publishing cryptocurrency news.

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