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Crypto wallet “Samourai Bitcoin Wallet” review

November 13, 2018 00:02:00 - Every year dozens of new cryptocurrency wallets appear, but only couple of them introduce something new to the blockchain technology. The rest are created just for the earning of programmers and it’s good if they have the full functionality of other standart wallets. But Samourai Bitcoin Wallet is probably a breakthrough in the field of anonymous cryptocurrency wallets.

The main features of the wallet and differences from other services

The first thing you need to know about Samourai Bitcoin Wallet is that it is available only on Android and doesn’t support any other platform. And since usually mobile wallets have weak security against fraudsters the Samourai wallet is protected by AES-256 protocol (according to the developers this protocol is used by the US army). In addition, when you create a wallet an automatic code phrase is created using the BIP 44 and BIP 39 technology, which will allow you to easily regain access to your wallet in case of a hacking attempt. It even has a special made PIN code, the screen for entering it appears in a random place on the screen so that no spyware screen capture software can access it. Moreover, the smart wallet can itself track suspicious site addresses and then block their access to your keys.

The main thing that the developers tried to achieve was full security for the wallet and the further decentralization of cryptocurrency. Samourai Bitcoin Wallet encrypts transactions using a special technology, “mixing” them so that the observer from outside cannot understand from where the transfer comes and where it goes. The wallet never uses third-party servers for data-transferring and in the next update the developers promised to add Tor and VPN support directly to the wallet.

Usually such sophisticated security systems are inconvenient to use and take a big fee for the transfer, but for Samourai Bitcoin Wallet it is completely opposite, it has a really simple and pleasant design, even a novice can easily use it and the fees are really low.

The wallet evaluation. Its competitors on the market

Samourai Bitcoin Wallet is currently one of the most convenient and cheapest cryptocurrency wallets with a very high reliability. For the people who want more secrecy there is even a function to hide the nature of the payment (the so-called Ricochet Sent), but this service is not cheap, 2.5$ per transaction. But even without it the Samourai Bitcoin Wallet is very reliable.

From competitors to Samourai in terms of reliability only DarkWallet is worth mentioning, an anonymous wallet that has been developing since 2014. Yes, at the moment DarkWallet has functions that are not available in Samourai (for example IP address encryption). However DarkWallet has its own problems, unstable work, the development was frozen recently, and most importantly it does not work on mobile platforms. So if you need a reliable Bitcoin storage on your phone Samourai fits perfectly. Fully anonymous, encryption of transactions and good security level – Samourai still has room to grow, but even now it is one of the best and secure bitcoin wallets in the world. And the developers intend to keep supporting it and add more new features.

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