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In New York, a local resident was tortured to try to take away his digital assets.

November 14, 2018 01:26:56 - In the United States of America, another digital asset offense has occurred. Manhattan resident Nicholas Truglia was severely tortured because he did not want to part with his crypt active assets. The worst thing that criminals were his best friends.

The attack occurred on the first of September. Stephen Orso and three friends decided to accompany his friend to his apartment. According to reports, the whole company was intoxicated.

When the young people arrived at their destination, Orso and his friends decided to take all the digital currencies on his balance from Truglia. To do this, in a rude manner, they required him to report data from cryptocurrency accounts. Hearing the refusal, the company began to immerse the victim's head in a bath filled with water, and kick his stomach with feet, after which they stole a laptop, a pair of smartphones and a USB drive containing his cryptocurrency data.

After some time, enforcement authorities began to investigate the incident. They managed to find recordings from surveillance cameras, in which it is clearly visible that one of Orso’s friends was leaving the apartment with a laptop.

A day later, a company of young people, through a taxi driver Uber, handed over the stolen items to Truglia. The court must render a verdict in the spring of next year.

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