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Crypto-anarchists and cypherpunks

November 14, 2018 01:34:28 - Crypto-anarchism is a kind of philosophy that claims that cryptography should be used in different spheres to protect privacy and gain freedom. Crypto-anarchists confident that the Internet is reliable to trust, in addition all the data is confidential and encrypted.


The first mentions of the movement of cipherpunks have begun in 1993. A well – known writer, engineer at Intel Timothy May, who issued a Manifesto, a guide for those who were interested in cipherpunks, told about crypto-anarchism completely.

After a while, philosophers began to prove how superior crypto-anarchism is and also considered different user concepts. Indeed, nowadays, all data can be stored in one drive and at one person. In addition, you can use digital money to pay.

Perspectives for crypto-anarchism

The basis of this idea – decentralization, the user's right to access all the necessary information, reliable protection of privacy. It is worth paying attention that this philosophy is represented not only by software engineers, but also by well-known personalities, for example Pavel Durov. Crypto-anarchists can hide themselves or not, there are no restrictions.

The movement is not going to make chaos, for them anarchy is a network in which there is no centralization, specific rules, leaders, that is, everyone does what he wants.

What role does cryptocurrency have?

Today, the most confidential cryptocurrency is considered Zerocoin and Dash. Other types of coins are not anonymous. With a Bank card you can buy any kind of cryptocurrency. The owners do not even realize that in this way completely provide information to scammers.

Can cryptoanarchism to change something?

Built ideology can completely turn everything upside down:

* despite government bans, decentralized markets will be present;

* there will be competition between insurance, the state and the decentralized system;

*favorable conditions for users who will be controlled by the state apparatus.

Who are cipher-punks?

Individuals who are trying to develop, create and distribute strong cryptography. With the help of anonymization, encryption can achieve great goals. Cryptography is an exact mathematics, which, unlike a human, can be trusted.

Free software is a required condition for security. In practice, software codes have errors, loopholes that are available to hackers, so you cannot use a network connection and connect the gadget with important information to any available Internet.

Paralelni Polis-crypto anarchist Paradise

A group project that actively expresses dissatisfaction on the part of different rulers. The Institute includes: crypto enthusiasts, talented programmers, artists and white hackers.

The peculiarity of the building is that it uses all modern technology. You can drink a Cup of coffee and pay for it with bitcoins, to print any models using a 3D printer. On the second floor, anyone who wants to rent an office can pay with cryptocurrency. On the third floor there is a conference hall, University. Different visitors come here, their personalities are not revealed.


Crypto-anarchism is extremely necessary in the modern world. The problem is that all ideas are not approved by the government, because they do not correspond to its interests. So cryptofreedom can result in the repression against anonymizers, criminal liability for failure to give the password, other unpleasant nuances. For this reason, while all the ideas of cypher punks are not implemented in the cryptocurrency world.

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