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Swedish resident tried to blow up bitcoin exchange because of the refusal to change the password

November 14, 2018 01:49:33 - 43-year-old Swedish citizen Michael Salonen received seven years in prison after the Stockholm court found the man guilty of attempted murder of several employees cryptopay exchange, which is located in the UK.

During the investigation it was found that the Swede just over a year ago collected two improvised explosive devices and sent one of them to the address CryptoPay. For certain the true motives of the suspect are unknown, however, according to one version, he decided on such an extraordinary act after the administration of the exchange sent him a refusal to request a password change.

Thanks to a lucky coincidence, no one was hurt. The second bomb was intended to be the co-founder of the exchange Dmitry Gunasheva, but he has not lived at the address and the parcel simply never reached their destination.

After the incident CryptoPay began to take security issues more seriously. The administration has already taken a number of preventive measures to prevent such cases from happening again.

In addition, Salonen sent several letters to well-known Swedish politicians. The parcel was accompanied by an unknown white powder. The letter sent to the Prime Minister said that he would die soon.

The suspect was detained in late spring after he returned from Thailand. During this time, the police have managed to collect the necessary evidence base.

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