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The number of Bitcoin ATMs is closing to four thousand in the world

November 15, 2018 00:11:30 - The information from shows that the number of Bitcoin ATMs continues to increase. Until the end of this year the number of machines should exceed the mark of 4 thousand. According to statistics, it can be reached even in November.

The first ATM where you could buy bitcoins was installed about five years ago. Since then the aforementioned site started to keep track for the number of such machines around the world. For today there are 3961 of them in total. Weekly the number keeps increasing because of the high demand for them.

The most of the Bitcoin ATMs are located in North America (over 70%), followed by the countries of the European Union (about 24%). There are pretty much none of the machines in Africa (0.2%) due to the fact that residents of many countries from the Africa continent are living below poverty line.

The leader in the number of Bitcoin ATMs was and still is the USA. There are more than 2 thousand of these devices.

The ATMs are mostly produced by Europeans and Americans, American Genesis Coin and European General Bytes control more than 60% of the market.

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