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An Anonymous, acquiring more than a million litecoins, became the owner for the largest LTC-wallet in the world

November 15, 2018 00:12:44 - A couple of days ago in the litecoin network the largest group transaction in the history of the cryptocurrency was carried out. An anonymous user bought 1.5 million litecoins. Converting this amount of coins in dollars will be 61 000 000$. While the transaction fee was only 50 cents.

This news were published by the official litecoin twitter. It is already known that the coins were transferred from a couple of outdated addresses to the Segwit multi-signature address. Some of the old addresses were reset to zero, which hints us about the only one owner of a huge number of digital assets. Now this unknown user has more litecoins than anyone else.

It is worth mentioning, that several transactions were carried out. At each stage 20 thousand coins were sent. The information site reports that some addresses still contain about 150 thousand litecoins. This means that the aforementioned user soon will be able to beat his own record. The same publication made an interesting suggestion that the wallets are owned by a group of persons.

At the moment Litecoin is traded at around 50$ for 1 coin. It still remains in the list for the 10 best cryptocurrencies and is constantly improved by the developers.

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