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Illegal Chinese miners may be deprived of electricity

November 16, 2018 00:50:30 - In the People’s Republic of China, the authorities decided to take the miners seriously. Now the government is preparing a bill under which companies engaged in the extraction of digital currencies without registration will be massively disconnected from the power supply.

The experiment was conducted in the Chinese province of Yunnan. The administration of this region appealed to mining companies to be registered in the electricity Bureau. Soon the relevant bill was issued, which is designed to protect the rights of consumers and entrepreneurs.

Provincial officials conducted an investigation, which revealed that companies that produce digital assets use cheap electricity. According to the authorities, their actions pose a threat of power outages to state institutions and local factories.

The Chinese government will soon assess the effectiveness of the bill. If it is successful, such measures will be taken to all mining enterprises located in China.

It should be noted that the Beijing officials, since last year, began to carry out rather rigid policy in relation to miners. All such companies must now undergo an annual tax inspection to demonstrate their sources of funding.

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