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The son of a director of Google mining Ethereum

November 16, 2018 00:51:16 - Interesting news came to us from the United States of America. Recently it became known that the son of the Executive Director of Google Sundar Pichai engaged in mining Ethereum. It would seem that this news is nothing remarkable, but there is one small nuance: his child is only 11 years old.

Google employee commented on the situation as follows:

"A few days ago, during the next meal, I talked about bitcoin, to which my son objected to me, saying that in reality I am talking about Ethereum. It is worth noting that both digital currencies still have some differences. At this point, he confessed to me that he began to mine the ether."

Pichai told reporters that after the incident, he was forced to tell his offspring about the features of the functioning of the traditional banking system and some principles of cash, so that his child became a little better understanding of Ethereum.

Note that about six months ago, one of the founders of Google Sergey Brin made a statement in which he admitted that he and his son is engaged in the extraction of Ethereum.

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