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The most unusual of crypto-currencies

November 20, 2018 00:18:42 - Part I

Altcoins as a component of the cryptocurrency market has become so large-scale in terms of the release of new coins that went into the course of imagination, a sense of humor and a special purpose invested by their creators. We will tell you what crypto-coins exist "with exquisition" to distract a little from the current situation with bitcoin.

Coins in honor of political leaders

A selection of unusual cryptocurrencies is honored to open a coin called PutinCoin (PUT) (just in case, suddenly someone reads from above), which appeared in the spring of 2017. It is difficult for a Russian citizen not to guess what is named after the President of the Russian Federation, a political leader known all over the world. It is known that the creators of foreign, has previously issued a coin Putin with a different algorithm, which is no longer served. As a digital asset does not serve as a tool for profit, the data from coinmarketcap as of 17.11.18: the rate is $ 0.0001, in relation to Bitcoin – 0.00000003 BTC, the market capitalization of only $102 109. You can exchange a coin on the trading exchanges directly for bitcoin or dollars, mining is built on the POS method, which brings 100% per annum (via video cards, asics is not available). Traders from the hold of coins in the wallet, dropping them on the market and after receiving dividends, receive profit. The release of PUT is more an expression of respect for the famous person, the economy as a whole. The creators profit from speculation, for investors as an option to hope to sell at the rise of prices in the future.

Before Donald trump became President of the country, TrumpCoin (Trump) coin was born in the spring of 2016. The victory in the presidential election in November of that year brought a sharp jump in the price of the course. At present, as follows: 1Trump equal to 0,03$ or 0,000006 BTC, the market capitalization of 230 776$. Buying TRUMP is possible through bitcoins. This cryptocurrency is positioned as a tool for the implementation of projects aimed at the development of technologies, infrastructure support, anti-corruption, charity. At the same time, as stated on the website, the President and his team have nothing to do. A certain initiative group of patriots supports implementation. "Cats and dogs" as an investment

Cats and dogs

Unlike previous coins, Monacoin (Mona) is an "old man" of Japanese origin, as it has been confidently kept on the market since January 2014 and, what is remarkable, is included in the top 100 cryptocurrencies. Japanese creators, apparently, in the framework of their love for anime and things like that, gave the name which in translation sounds like "a cute cat". The project-fork cryptocurrency Litecoin, was promising, despite the sharp fluctuations in the price, the average technical indicators (works on the encryption algorithm Script, the calculation of a new block for 1.5 minutes, the complexity of mining increases based on the algorithm Dark Gravity Wave). Currently, it is on the 73rd place in the rating by market capitalization-71 362 140$, the rate is equal to 1.12$ / 0.0002 BTC. The popularization of the coin has developed thanks to the Japanese mentality: actively promote in their country, use cryptocurrency as payment for some types of products, a lot of exchanges, auctions, firms, sharpened under the monacoin.

Another well-known coin is Dogecoin (DOGE), which originally appeared with a frivolous purpose at the end of 2013, as a trolling cryptocurrency market. The names of the developers are known, based on the cryptocurrency Luckycoin, for the image was used a common meme with a cute dog breed Shiba inu. Currently holds 25th place: a market capitalization – 304 489 650$, the price of 1 DOGE is 0,0026$, bitcoin is still 0,00000047 BTC. The coin is in demand for making purchases on the Internet, used by investors to make a profit, which is the place to be with a sharp jump in prices, as it was with her at the beginning of the journey.

Most of the coins received some popularity or "at the hearing" only thanks to the memorable name, because due to the low rate, capitalization is not of interest for investment. Others hold in the middle, giving hope to holders, with the change in the market situation, to bring a good profit.

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