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Review of the wallet Jaxx

November 21, 2018 00:19:53 - The Canadian company Decentral has developed the wallet Jaxx for using cryptocurrencies obviously such as the most popular Bitcoin, and less known ones – EOS, Qtum, Augur. The developer has ensured the security of the service at the high level. The user can create backups as well as recover the wallets using other devices. Additionally Jaxx is using the function a payment code that reliably protects funds. After the registration, you can use a private key available to wallet owners. The wallet is compatible with different software versions.

Security level

Keeping in mind how popular a cryptocurrency is nowadays companies that produce services for crypto continue to improve the features of the wallets. Using the wallet Jaxx in order to confirm the transaction a pin code is installed. It is worth mentioning that the keys are not stored on the central server of the resource which could be accessed by the fraudsters, but on the users side and therefore couldn’t affect the application.

Main advantages

The wallet is easy to use even for beginners. There is no need to register, you can create new account after the installation or after downloading the app.

Jaxx is used for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, etc. Its multicurrency is one of the main advantages that attracts people. At the bottom of the interface you can find a lot of tabs for receiving and sending funds. At the top of the application there are sections with different settings. The interface is very user-friendly and it’s really easy to use. It is very simple to monitor the exchange rates so you won’t miss the moment to sell your digital asset.

Also it is very important that you can recover the access using an encrypted SEED phrase. In addition, you can select a PIN code for logging into Jaxx.


Despite all the advantages, Jaxx has its disadvantages:

Vulnerable security. After an unpleasant situation in 2017 a lot of users no longer trust the exchange;

There is a fee for the exchange for cryptocurrencies. It is quite convenient to use the internal exchanger to exchange crypto. The fee is individual, but it is rather big;

Jaxx is an open-source project with incomplete code. Only a part of the code is open, but it is still pretty vulnerable.

Downloading the wallet

You can download the program on the iOS or Android platform. There is an application for Windows and an extension for Google Chrome. You can come up with a new password in the program and attach a device which you will be using to run the program with.

After launching the program you need to carefully learn how to use it:

First of all you need to create a wallet;

Then synchronize it. If it is your first time using it choose a cryptocurrency that you are interested in. You should try giving a preference to the one which you will be always working with. So you can create a new cryptocurrency wallet.

Let’s sum it up, the Jaxx works on all the devices. In addition, the synchronization feature is available. A simple and modern interface makes it possible to easily carry out all the operations with the wallet. Equally important is technical support, which promptly answer all questions. The disadvantages: no usage for fiat money, slow data update, only English is supported.

Multicurrency wallet allows you to safely store digital currency, make various operations using it, send, exchange, etc.

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