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Canada is planning to use mining facilities for heating houses and other buildings

November 21, 2018 00:21:08 - Currently many digital currencies are not in the best position, the coins have dramatically decreased in value. That is why miners from all over the world are looking for more cheap ways to mine digital assets. The company Heatmine, situated in Canada, came up with quite an interesting solution and now is testing it. Their specialists want to use the heat generated from mining facilities for heating purposes. This step should help to reduce the cost for digital currencies mining.

In Quebec (where the company is located) the temperature is very low throughout the year. The management of Heatmine wants to use the generated heat for heating the water.

During the experiment the company used the excessive heat to warm up the water necessary for functioning of the building heating system.

Heatmine conducted another interesting experiment that proved the effectiveness of the solution they invented. The facility was connected to one of the local greenhouses growing strawberries. Usually due to huge electricity and heat bills farmers are not able to make a decent profit. Installing Heatmine facility allowed to reduce the cost for the heat for more than for 75%.

Now many countries with a cold climate are observing the course of experiments. If it will end as a success, then it will be applied everywhere.

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