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India will determine the policy of regulation of the crypto market in December

November 22, 2018 02:17:34 - Over the past few years, the Indian government has not taken any active actions for the development of the cryptocurrency sector in the country. Recently it became known that officials still decided to create the necessary legislative framework.

Now the Ministry of Finance is working on this issue. Their main task is to study the trade in digital currencies and the blockchain industry to form the position of the state in these areas.

The state structures in the country are working extremely inconsistently. Not so long ago, the Central Bank issued a statement in which it banned commercial banking institutions from working with cryptocurrency exchanges, which jeopardized further crypto-trading in the region.

It is worth noting that local officials for a more detailed study of this issue visited several European countries. After the educational visit, the government announced a possible ban on digital assets in India, which caused a storm of indignation among a huge number of people.

It is difficult to imagine what to expect local residents. They continue to hope that the government will be able to appreciate the benefits of digital currencies and blockchain and then decide to create a more liberal legislation.

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