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Zimbabweans buy essential goods with the help of bitcoin

November 24, 2018 01:38:13 - There are situations when digital currencies become vital for people. Let us give an example of the situation that has taken place in Zimbabwe in recent years. In one of the poorest countries in the world, they began to use dollars for calculations a few years ago, as the inflation of the local currency exceeded all possible permissible values. However, foreign currency is not enough, so there were serious problems with essential goods in the country. Most of them are usually imported into the country from South Africa. At the moment, there is simply not enough money to buy them.

South American FIN-TECH startup Study263 came up with a way out of this situation. The team opened an online store where you can order food delivered to your home. Payment can be made in various ways, including with the help of bitcoin.

Despite the interdict of the local government to use digital currencies for settlements, local residents continue actively to carry out various operations with their help. Now cryptocurrencies have become vital in the country due to the acute shortage of food products. It is likely that such circumstances will force the authorities to change their attitude to cryptocurrencies.

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