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Celebrities who support cryptocurrencies and blockchain

November 24, 2018 01:38:55 - Famous people usually earn on advertising, sale of creativity, memoirs, and custom concerts. For the last 4 years, many celebrities have realized that the cryptocurrency industry coupled with a famous name can bring a mad profit. Below are three people who were able to enrich themselves by buying cryptocurrencies or creating tokens.

1. Snoop Dog

The American rapper appeared on presentations in drug intoxication, and arranged scandals with fights. However, what he cannot be taken away - it's entrepreneurial ability and skill to find promising areas for business. Prior to that, Snoop has already tried himself in the cinema, bought a football team - and in 2013, the rapper said on Twitter that he will sell the new album for bitcoins.

Everyone thought at first that it was a joke - especially such a serious statement is usually not made on Twitter. After a couple of months, CDs with songs of the rapper could really be purchased for cryptocurrency. For one CD was requested 0.3 bitcoin. At the rate of 2013, it was quite modest, but experts estimated that if Snoop Dogg was smart enough to wait for the autumn of 2017 and sell his tokens at a peak price, then each sold copy brought $ 5,000. Not bad, if the average artist gets 3-4 dollars for each CD.

The rapper lit up in the crypto-currency industry later -he agreed to participate in the presentation of the SparkleCOIN token, for which he received 1500 coins. However, Snoop would have earned a maximum of $ 50,000 if he had sold the tokens at the same time. Now every SparkleCOIN costs $ 0,076.

2. Hugh Laurie

Dr. House has also an entrepreneurial ability. However, the actor invested in cryptocurrency in 2015, when prices increased significantly. Despite this, the chosen year was still a good one - at this time, the main tokens on the market just decreased by 50-100 dollars. According to Laurie himself, he did not analyze the market and did not choose the right moment, but heard about the cryptocurrency from his friend, who advised him to invest in a new technology.

Do you know what “modest investment” Laurie has made? He bought 5,000 bitcoins. Even at that time it was about $ 1 million. In 2 years, Hugh would have received a net profit of 94 million dollars from this investment. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether Lori has realized his capital.

3. Mike Tyson

Last time Tyson became calmer, gave up drugs and lost weight. Then he went into business - and announced in 2015 the launch of his own network of bitcoin automatic cash terminals, where you can supposedly buy cryptocurrency in just 10 seconds. Unlike to his "star colleagues" Tyson does this not only for profit, he really believes in the future of bitcoin and the further development of cryptocurrencies.

This initiative was treated with skepticism even in the cryptocurrency community, there were even rumors that new automatic cash terminals are a simple fraud. However, everything turned out to be fair, and in 2016, Tyson announced the creation of his own bitcoin wallet, which had mobile versions for iOC and Android, and the design of the application had to include the famous boxer tattoo. At the moment it is unknown how well things are going in Tyson’s cryptocurrency business, but there is not a wallet on the Android version. Perhaps there is correction of errors and revision of the application.

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