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The fall in the value of digital assets has caused serious financial losses on the part of investors

November 24, 2018 01:39:44 - Bitcoin and other digital currencies are rapidly losing value. Experts associate the fall with some events that have occurred recently. We are talking about the recently passed Bitcoin Cash hardfork, the trial of Ripple Labs and the increasing interest in ICO from state agencies.

Experts believe that most of the existing digital assets can not be integrated into real life, so the interest in them from investors began to fade, which led to a decrease in their value.

Statistics prove that people, who invested money in bitcoin last year, have already lost about 70% of their savings due to the notorious drop in coins. Only in the past couple of days, the digital currency has lost the fifth part of its value. Now users have convinced finally that bitcoin with other coins are subjected to serious fluctuations.

About a year ago, people thought that such investments would bring a guaranteed profit. Now, almost no one has such thoughts there. Most investors urgently get rid of coins, trying to save their savings.

However, no one knows the future of the industry. Perhaps this is only a temporary decline and soon the situation will radically change for the better.

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