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Soon Pavel Durov’s blockchain will be completed

November 25, 2018 04:01:49 - According to some sources the work on the project Telegram Open Network (TON) is almost completed. It is about creating a virtual machine with the main purpose of executing smart contracts. There is some information and according to it the technology already passed the testing process and is implemented in the system.

It is worth mentioning that the software for generation and validation of blocks isn’t available at the moment. It is ready only for 10%.

Many users want to know how the founder of Vkontakte and Telegram Pavel Durov does fare. His latest photo in Instagram was posted on April 22. And the last Vkontakte post is dated May 8. All of his recent publications were only about Telegram messenger being blocked in Russian Federation. Not long ago some well-known journalists started to write about him having problems with the project.

People, who have access to reliable information claim that Telegram for a long period of time disrupted the date for blockchain platform implementation in the system.

A couple of month ago it became known about the start of testing TON. It was reported that soon the service Telegram Passport will be implemented that is intended for identifying users. The data proving the identity of a person should be uploaded once. Data can be accessed only by the partners of the messenger.

All of the aforementioned coins can be united by how all of them are not coincided on the template criteria. Each of the developers had put his own meaning into his coin: irony, serving a specific goal, creating an integral part of a new ecosystem. Some of the cryptocurrencies had goten their recognition, others are on its way to it.

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