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From 2019 in Norway the electricity privileges for miners are going to be cancelled

November 25, 2018 04:02:33 - The Norwegian authorities have finally approved the budget for 2019. Interesting that from the new year the miners have to pay for electricity at standard rates.

The Forbes notes that in a month all the electricity subsidies that were provided before to the mining pools are going to be cancelled. Many experts unanimously saying about how mining digital currency unprofitable in Norway is due to expensive energy and low prices for a lot of coins. Soon miners will probably have to close their activities on the territory of this state.

It is worth saying that local authorities have completely different opinion for this question. One of the representatives of the Norwegian Parliament commented on this matter:

“The government of Norway can’t continue subsidizing the dirtiest activity in the digital industry any longer. Greenhouse gases are being emitted into the atmosphere, which impairs human life.”

Northern Bitcoin company reports that next year it won’t be possible to mine Bitcoin for less than 7700$. In comparison let's take China as an example where the actual value of the world’s main digital currency is just over three thousand dollars.

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