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A list of universities where you can explore the blockchain

November 28, 2018 02:01:54 - A list of universities where you can explore the blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are the technologies of the future, and more and more people are interested in this topic, and enterprises are trying to introduce technology into business processes. As a result, there is increasing the demand for professionals inthe market, who work in this direction. A shortage of specialists, in turn, led to the fact that the courses on the study of blockchain began to appear in educational institutions around the world. In this article we will tell you about higher education institutions where you can get education in the field of blockchain and crypto-currencies.

University of Copenhagen

The University is located in the capital of Denmark, which opened the summer blockchain school in 2018 for the first time in August this year. The organizers of this course assure that the program has a fundamental approach. In their opinion, the study of blockchain and cryptocurrencies requires a passing study of related areas, as well as economic, social and social problems. Such knowledge is necessary for proper design and implementation of blockchain-based systems. Of course, the program of the course includes technical training, including practical classes on the development of blockchains, smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Universities in the United States

In this country, several universities offer courses on the study of blockchain.

Arizona State University teaches students online. The computer science course includes a blockchain program as well as related computer disciplines. Having successfully completed this training, the student receives a master's degree.

A similar education is available at New York University. Here students are taught the legal norms of using cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Princeton University has a course on the basic principles of cryptocurrency circulation, as well as on their regulation. According to the teachers, after the course, students will be able to independently implement cryptocurrency in external business projects.

At Stanford University, you can undergo training aimed at developing applications that sell goods for cryptocurrency.

In the city of Berkeley at the University of California has a number of training courses about cryptocurrencies. This year, two new courses were launched, one devoted to the study of basic principles, the second – software development for more experienced students.

University of Nicosia, Cyprus

This University teaches students the course "on the introduction of virtual assets". The peculiarity of this education is that it is absolutely free, and at the end of the course students receive a master's degree. At the same time, among the teachers there are recognized experts on cryptocurrencies.

London school of Economics (LSE)

The school has launched a program of "Investing in crypto currencies and transformation". As the name implies, the course is aimed at investing in cryptocurrencies. The course includes a number of programs on theoretical foundations, expert assessments, and how cryptocurrencies affect foreign markets today and in the future. Students, who have passed this training, receive a certificate from the London school of Economics.

Also at the LSE operates two adjacent course, one of them is associated with learning to create smart systems for networks, the second on developing solutions for the implementation of Ethereum, and IPFS, µRaiden and other networks.

The University of Alcala in Spain

This University was founded back in 1508, and today it provides an opportunity to get an education in the field of cryptocurrencies. The course includes in-depth study of blockchain, DAO and smart contracts, including in terms of technical and economic aspects, as well as taking into account the norms of legislative regulation in different countries.

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