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Bitcoin SV unexpectedly started showing strong growth

November 29, 2018 00:50:13 - In the middle of November hardfork Bitcoin Cash took place that resulted in a separation into Bitcoin ABC and BitCoin SV. Each of them got their own followers who declared a war with each other to eliminate a competitor. Most users took the Bitcoin ABC side. Their support has allowed the coin to significantly raise in price. On the other hand Bitcoin SV rapidly started loosing its value.

At first glance it seemed that the victory of Bitcoin ABC is inevitable. However the Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright who owns large pools for mining and is an ardent supporter of Bitcoin SV did not even think about giving up.

First, Wright gave an interview to journalists in which he told that he is the one and only Satoshi Nakamoto who “invented” Bitcoin back in 2008. And the other day a Bitcoin SV roadmap came out in which Wright gave detailed description of how he views this project.

Despite how ambiguous his actions are, the entrepreneur still managed to carry his point. Bitcoin SV rose significantly in price and for some time even surpassed Ethereum. Now it is traded for above $ 105. It is worth saying that experts are not ruling out the possibility of further growth of the coin.

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