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Main competitor of Bitcoin – Ripple

December 01, 2018 00:20:04 - The digital asset market is fevering in the last couple of weeks. A huge number of coins significantly lost in its value and became less attractive to investors. Meanwhile, one of the currencies that continues to hold its position is Ripple. A couple of weeks ago it pushed back Ethereum in the capitalization of cryptocurrency rating and became the main competitor of Bitcoin.

Now the capitalization of XRP tokens is about $ 36 million, which is almost 3 times higher than that of Ethereum. Experts unanimously are saying that there is practically no chance for Ethereum to catch up with its competitor in the near future. The XRP dominance index exceeds 11%. At the same time, this indicator for ETH is only about 9%. This proves that Ripple is much more attractive to investors than Ethereum.

Experts advise users to resume buying digital currencies. For example, financier Fred Wilson believes that right now is the best time to buy Ethereum because soon the influx of new large investors is expected and the coin will significantly rise in the value.

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