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John McAfee is looking for a new job

December 01, 2018 00:21:24 - The digital currency market is currently highly volatile. Many coins have already significantly lost in their value. Nobody knows what will happen next. However, there is one person always trying to stay positive. You might’ve already guessed who he is, we are talking about the nice guy John McAfee.

The world-famous programmer and part-time cryptoanalyst continues posting comic posts on Twitter. We will give you one of them as an example:

1) The ability to write on cardboard.

2) ”The ability to hold cardboard in their hands.”

It was posted alongside a photo. On the photo, he and his friend were standing on the street holding a piece of cardboard in their hands on which the following is written:

“We’re too ugly for the panel.”

It is worth saying that this photo quickly became viral. Users started making memes from it changing the text on the picture. Someone remembered about people who bought Bitcoin at the peak of its popularity. Others jokingly reminded McAfee about TRON. Anyway, the post caused a smile to many subscribers of the famous American.

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